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The National Gallery of the Spoken Word

The National Gallery of the Spoken Word (NGSW) is an ongoing five year research project funded under the Digital Library Inititiative II
spearheaded by the National Science Foundation. The NGSW is creating an online fully-searchable digital library of spoken word collections spanning the 20th century at NGSW provides storage for these digital holdings and public exhibit "space" for the most evocative collections. From Thomas Edison's first cylinder recordings and the voices of Babe Ruth and Florence Nightingale to Studs Terkel's timeless interviews and the oral arguments of the US Supreme Court, the collections of the NGSW digital library cover a variety of interests and topics. Designed as an expansive repository of aural resources, will grow to include many more collections from partnering institutions around the country and the world. One of the primary goals of the NGSW is the development of a rich set of exhibits and educational curricula that fully incorporate sound files.

Principal Investigators
Mark Lawrence Kornbluh
Michael Seadle
Joyce Grant
Jack Deller

External Principal Investigators
Jerry Goldman
John Hansen
Douglas Greenberg

MSU Partners
Partner Institutions
Consulting Partners

NGSW Full Grant


Project Manager
Dean Rehberger

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Created with support from the Digital Libraries Initiative II spearheaded
by the National Science Foundation, award no. IIS-9817485